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  • The Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Chicago, subordinate directly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Warsaw, is the official representation of the Polish Government. The Embassy of Poland – the political representation of the Republic of Poland in the United States of America – is located in Washington, D.C. In addition to the Chicago Consulate, Poland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has three other regional consular offices: in Houston, New York and Los Angeles.

    The Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Chicago was established in 1920 as the first consular office representing a Central European country. It has jurisdiction over 10 U.S. states of the Midwest:  Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

    Heading the consular staff is Consul General Piotr Janicki. 

    The Consulate is organized into four main sections based on services provided:

    Polonia Section – headed by Consul Małgorzata Bąk-Guzik who also holds the position of Deputy Consul General. This section provides educational and cultural information about Poland, promotes scientific and cultural exchanges between Poland and the United States, provides up-to-date information to the Polish-American and the U.S. mass media networks and maintains close cooperation with Polish-American institutions and organizations.

    Legal Section – headed by Vice Consul Paulina Szafałowicz: processing legal documents, powers-of-attorney, providing advice and assistance to both Polish and general public on matters of legal care, matrimonial disputes, child-support, family litigation, estate settlement for beneficiaries in Poland, obtaining civil status certificates from Poland;

    Passport and Visa Section - headed by Consul Mariusz Gbiorczyk, issuing of passports to Polish citizens, processing documentations concerning citizenship, issuing visas for foreigners, arranging temporary stay permits;

    Administration and Finance Section – headed by Vice Consul Marzena Baranowska: responsible for administrative and fiscal supervision, transportation and maintenance of the Consulate;
    Due to the size and importance of the Polish community, the Consulate cooperates closely with Polish-American cultural, social and business institutions by assisting and providing Polish language programs in schools, universities and other educational facilities, organizing cultural events and conferences on the premises of the Consulate, etc.

    The building at 1530 N. Lake Shore Drive, built in 1916 as a private residence, is one of the finest surviving examples of the grand mansions which lined Lake Shore Drive at the turn of the Century. In 1974 it was purchased by the Polish Government. In 1989 it was included on the list of Gold Coast historical monuments of Chicago.




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