• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland



  • This section presents a compendium of information useful for foreigners interested in education, work or stays in Poland.


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     Popular websites about Poland:



    Official Website of Poland                                              

    President of the Republic of Poland                             

    Chancellery of the Prime Minister                                

    Sejm of the Republic of Poland                                     

    Senate of the Republic of Poland                                  

    Ministry of Foreign Affairs                                             

    Polish Embassy in Washington D.C.                            

    Polish Consulate General in New York                        

    Polish Consulate General in Los Angeles                    

    Polish Cultural Institute in New York                          

    Polish Institute of Diplomacy                                        

    Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression ,page,71.html

    Adam Mickiewicz Institute                                             

    Polish Cultural Information                                           

    Polish Foreign Investment Agency                               

    Warsaw Stock Exchange                                                 

    Polish Airlines                                                                   

    Tourism - information about Poland                           

    Schengen Visa Application                                             

    The Piast Institute                                                            

    PACI Polish American Communication Initiative     


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