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  • Requirements for Importation of Pets to Poland




    In order to transport dogs, cats or ferrets from the United States to Poland, a pet's owner must make sure that:


    1. The animal is three months or older

    2. The animal has a clearly readable tattoo or chip/transponder


    A tattoo is usually located on skin on the internal side of groin or ear. The tattoo must be clearly readable. From 2011, 3 July a transponder will be the only admitted system of identification of pets.

    A transponder is the standard electronic identification system, which shall be
    a read-only passive radio frequency identification device, complying with ISO Standard 11784 and applying HDX or FDX-B technology and capable of being read by a reading device compatible with ISO Standard 11785.

    Where the transponder does not comply with those requirements, the owner or the natural person responsible for the pet animal on behalf of the owner must provide the means necessary for reading the transponder at the time of any inspection.


    3. Anti-rabies vaccination.

    The anti-rabies vaccine must be a vaccine other than a live modified vaccine; must be an inactivated vaccine of at least one antigenic unit per dose (WHO standard) or a recombinant vaccine, expressing the immunizing glycoprotein of the rabies virus in a live virus vector.

    Caution! The date of vaccination, indicate in the appropriate section of the accompanying animal health certificate  must not precede the date of microchipping indicated in the appropriate section of the accompanying animal health certificate.

    At least 21 days must have elapsed since the completion of the vaccination protocol required by the manufacturer for the primary vaccination in accordance with the technical specification of the marketing authorization.
    The period of validity of the vaccination, as prescribed in the technical specification of the marketing authorization for the anti-rabies vaccine in the Member State or third country where the vaccine is administered, must have been entered by the authorized veterinarian in the appropriate section of the accompanying animal health certificate. A re-vaccination (booster) must be considered a primary vaccination if it was not carried out within the period of validity of a previous vaccination.

    If a dog is under 3 months old and it was vaccinated, the owner should have a leaflet from the manufacturer of a vaccine, certifying that this product is registered for animals under 3 months old. The leaflet must be translated into Polish by a sworn translator.

    Caution! In order to transport a animal to Poland an animal must be three months or older even if veterinarian used a vaccination for animals under three months old.

    The vaccination is not valid, when there is no appropriate health certificate with the date of vaccination or the date of vaccination is preceding the date of microchipping or the period of validity of the vaccination  is overdue.


    4. The owner has an animal's health certificate.

    A health certificate issued must be issued by a veterinarian authorized by the competent authority, certifying valid anti-rabies vaccination or revaccination, if applicable. The certificate accompanying the animals must also confirm that, 24 hours before dispatch of the animals, a clinical examination was carried out by a veterinarian authorized by the competent authority, showing the animals to be in good health and able to withstand carriage to their destination.
    The certificate shall be valid for 10 days from the date of issue by the official veterinarian.

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