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    The Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Chicago  regrets to inform you, that it is not within the scope of the official duties of this office to provide assistance with genealogical research. However, we do have the following suggestions for interested individuals:
    For general information to Begin genealogical research, we recommend contacting specialized facilities such as your local historical society, the U.S. National Archives and Records Service in Washington, D.C., the genealogical division of the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., etc.
    If your ancestors came from the territory of the former Republic of Poland, you will first have to determine in what country (Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, or Lithuania) their place of origin is now situated. You may need to check an old map or atlas to locate the place, and compare it to a current one. Keep in mind that the names of many places were changed after both World Wars. This information can be found in your local library (geographical section), the map division of the Library of Congress, the National Geographic Society, etc.
    Also be advised that in Poland, old registries (including registries of religious communities) are kept in the appropriate district archives. The application for such a search should be sent directly to Polish National Archives: Ul. Rakowiecka 2D, 02-517 Warszawa, Poland

    Provide the fullest possible data on your ancestor and his/her family members, such as names, birth and death dates, marriages, spouse's names, and parents' names. The more information you can provide the less costly the research may be. And while correspondence in English is accepted, Polish is preferred.


    Direct contact by persons interested with the appropriate archives will speed up the search for information. General information about contacting the archives, as well as information about the archives themselves and the list of charges collected for specific services can be found at: Further tips in Polish and English on the genealogical search process can be found at the link:

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